Decorating Ideas for a Small Garden


When dealing with a small yard most of us abandon the idea of a beautiful garden because it seems almost impossible to have our dream garden in a small space. However, necessity is the mother of invention and if you truly want a little green oasis you shouldn’t let space stand in your way. The most tricky process in decorating a small garden is combining the natural elements with the decorating ones. It is essential to blend these elements together in order to put all the space you have to good use. A small relaxation area surrounded by nature is everyone’s dream. What can be better than coming home form work to your own little oasis. There are a lot of decorating ideas for a small garden. You just need to be a little inventive.

The first thing you need to do when starting a project such as garden decorating is to analyze your space and perhaps do some cleaning and organizing. Get rid of anything that you don’t need and takes up space. Next you need to visualize your dream garden. Determining the purpose of the garden is essential. It can be purely decorative, it can be a playground for the kids, a place for outdoor dinning or a relaxation area. Or it can be all of those things. For example, if you have a big tree you can build a small treehouse. It will be a perfect playroom for the children and later when they grow up you can use it as a storage space. On the other hand, if you don’t have any trees and you also lack the space for planting some, there are ways around this problem. Bushes are a wonderful alternative to trees and one of the best gardening ideas for small gardens They take less space and they are more colorful and diverse. Also, a great space saver is combining the outdoor area with the relaxation area. Instead of purchasing boring uncomfortable patio furniture you can buy a fluffy couch and a couple of armchairs. Build a covering for them so that they don’t get ruined when it rains and decorate the whole area with hanging flowers.

A small garden space is a way to exploit your creativity. There is an endless number of gardening ideas for small gardens. For example, in order to create the illusion of space you can create leveled gardens. This will give you the opportunity to grow multiple plants in a small space. Furthermore, hanging flowers and crawling plants are great for beautifying a small space. Last but not least, you can even integrate a water fountain in a small garden. There are a lot of minuatural fountains that will look good in any garden and in the same time they will provide those relaxing water sounds that we all associate with relaxation. And if you don’t think that a small water fountain is enough, you can always have a wall water fountain. You can pave the wall with stones for a natural mountain look.

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