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Today’s younger generation is far too dependent on technology. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since technology is inevitably the foundation of modern society. However, it is important to teach children from an early age to enjoy spending time outdoors, preferably in a productive manner. And what better way is there to do this than involving them in gardening activities from an early age. We guarantee that they will have a blast, since children love to play in the dirt. Moreover, if you want to get involved in your child’s education, you might want to get together with your child’s teacher’s and discuss the possibility of starting a school garden. This is a great way for children to see how various disciplines interconnect in real life. However, if you are looking for ways in which you can involve your child or grandchild in your own garden activities, you will find the following lines to be very interesting.

What herbs and vegetables would children enjoy growing

The great thing about gardening with children is that you might convince them to eat some vegetables that they would otherwise not even dare to touch. For example, you can start with sugar snap peas, which grow very fast and which the children can eat right off the vines. It is one thing when you ask children to eat the green things from the plate, and it is a whole other thing when you ask them to try to taste the veggies that they grew by themselves. Kids will also enjoy growing (and maybe even eating) broccoli since they will be surprised to see how big it actually goes, compared to the florets that they constantly refuse to eat. Other plants which are easy to grow, thus perfect for a children’s garden are carrots, chives and potatoes.

Gardening without a garden

Just because you don’t own a house with a big yard, doesn’t mean that you can teach your kid a few things about gardening. You can turn your own balcony into a lovely kids garden and we guarantee that your kid will love it. You can also try regrowing vegetables from scraps (this will be a nice science experiment). The list of plants that you can regrow from scraps include celery, scallions, carrot tops, parsnips, lettuce and pineapples.

Reasons to garden with children

These are but a few of the many gardening activities where children will love being involved. Gardening with children is not only extremely fun, but comes with numerous other benefits as well. It teaches children about sustainability and the value of money. It is also a nice way for them to see how different disciplines are mixed in real life. Gardening is also a great way to teach children about nutrition and to convince the to eat their veggies. Last but not least, family gardening activities will make for some wonderful memories.

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