Gerbera Flowers – instructions for planting, caring and meaning

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Gerbera perhaps no stranger to us. This beautiful flower is very popular, grown in home gardens, parks, agencies …

On special occasions people often use gerberas to give each other. Let’s learn about gerberas in today’s article!

1. What is gerbera? Should we grow gerberas or not?

Gerbera flowers are not only beautiful but also have many special meanings. According to folk beliefs, this flower represents happiness and noble and wonderful beauty. When you give someone flowers, you are sending words of love and sincere respect and respect.

Gerbera flower characteristics

Gerbera was originally a herbaceous plant. The trunk does not branch, but only branches. Leaves and flowers develop from elongated stems. The leaves usually grow a little about 15-45 degrees above the ground. Leaf shape is not fixed, but according to plant growth, but changes from ovoid, oblong to oblong.

Characteristics of gerbera

Characteristics of gerbera

The leaves are not too large, about 15 – 25 cm long and about 5 – 8cm wide. Gerbera leaves have the shape of feathers. Depending on the variety of flowers, the leaves can be cut shallow or deep. On the back of leaves, there is a smooth velvet.

Gerbera has long stalks. This flower has tongue-shaped petals, its shape is large and small, arranged in the order from inside to outside, sometimes without attachments. Besides, there are tubular petals on the flower. These tubular petals, due to changes in color and morphology, are also referred to as citta or calendula.

Tongue petals will bloom first, while tubular petals will bloom later during blooming. They usually do not bloom simultaneously but in a circular order from the outside to the inside.

Gerbera is a popular flower with high economic value. According to the statistics, gerbera is one of the 10 important commercially grown flowers in the world. This flower is native to the regions of Asia, South Africa and Tasmania.

Gerbera grows well in subtropical and temperate climates. Vietnam is also a country that grows a lot of money. Currently, preliminary statistics there are more than 30 varieties of gerberas available in our country. Most of these varieties are not purebred varieties, but imported from China, the Netherlands. Gerbera flowers have many rich colors. This flower is easy to grow because it is suitable for the soil and climate conditions in Vietnam. In which, Da Lat is the most famous and popular growing gerbera flower.

Should we plant gerbera at home?

Should we plant gerbera at home?

Currently, the coin has 300 different species, grows wild and is distributed around the world. Of course, the most concentrated place is tropical Asia and South America.

What does gerbera mean?

Gerbera flowers according to the concept of many places are flowers with the meaning of happiness, splendid beauty and unexpected miracles. The vibrant, bright colors of gerberas bring joy and brightness. Gerbera is also a symbol of innocence, love and praise.

Not only that, gerberas are also a symbol of joy. The appearance of gerberas gives you a positive feeling to watch. A pot of gerberas on the table will help your house bright and full of life.

According to some places, gerberas as its name is a flower symbolizing greatness, prosperity and wealth. Giving each other gerberas also means prosperity. Gerbera has many colors. Each flower color has a different meaning.

2. Planting and caring techniques for gerbera flowers (home gardeners’ secrets)

Gerbera flower cultivation is not difficult. However, to have a beautiful flower pot that plays all year round and blooms continuously, you need to pay attention to some important notes about planting and care techniques.

Each flower will have its own requirements for soil, nutrition, water, light, and humidity. Same with gerberas. Because of that, before planting you should learn about the characteristics of the plant first, at least the basic knowledge. Seeing them how to grow and care for gerberas is not difficult. However, it requires meticulousness and perseverance.

Environmental conditions

You can grow gerberas all year round. However, there are 2 main crops: spring from April, April and autumn from September and September. The weather is ideal for growing flowers, the rate of plants living and developing healthy is also higher.

Gerbera plants grow well at the ideal temperature of 15 – 24 degrees C. Some gerberas can tolerate temperatures of more than 20 degrees C. If the temperature is below 15 degrees C and above 24 degrees C Maintaining for a long time will make it difficult for the plant to grow well, less flower color, and not fresh color. Therefore, you should maintain the environment at the temperature that is ideal for plants!

Gerbera is characterized by its inability to withstand prolonged drought. So you must water regularly and do not let the plant dry out. Humidity for the best plant growth is about 60-70%, while the humidity in the air is maintained at 55-60%. You water regularly every day, but be careful not to over water the flooded plants causing root rot!

Prepare the seed

The varieties of double gerbera imported from Taiwan, China, and the Netherlands are now preferred to be planted in the North because the variety’s characteristics are suitable for the environmental conditions in the North of our country. Gardeners often do not plant one color but many colors to meet a variety of consumer needs.

Gerbera plants are usually grown from tissue culture plants or stem plants. The characteristics of tissue culture plants are healthy plants, do not suffer from socks disease, degenerate long time, and large and beautiful flowers. However, the drawback is that the price is quite high. With split-stem plants, the advantage is low cost, but the limitation is poor flower quality, and flowers quickly degenerate.

Land for planting

Gerbera is a species that prefers a spongy, humus-rich plant with high ventilation, easy drainage. The mixture of soil to grow gerbera that you need to prepare includes peat, sandy soil, coir in the ratio of 3 peat, 1 sandy soil and 3 coir. Also you can pre-fertilize a layer of organic fertilizer microorganisms and super phosphate to increase soil nutrition!

Gerbera is a species that cannot withstand intense light or heavy rain. Therefore, at the beginning of planting, you should let the plants cool indoors to reduce the intensity of light and high temperatures outdoors. When the tree is strong, bring it out to plant. You can put it on the balcony, door sill or garden.

Planting instructions

Depending on your preference or the conditions of the soil, you can grow in 2 rows / 1 bed or 3 rows / 1 bed! The planting distance should be maintained at 30-35 x 35 cm, the corresponding density would be 50,000 – 60,000 trees / 1 ha. Calculated by pole will be 1800 – 2200 trees.

Gerbera flowers must be planted, not submerged. You must plant so that the roots of the plant are level with the ground, do not plant too deeply, which will make the plant less developed, the roots are susceptible to rot, the buds will not grow or if they grow will quickly rot. You water the tree and try to keep the plant upright, not tilted, easily shaken by shallow roots.

Disease prevention

Gerbera often gets sick. The most common and common one is the red spider. Red spider is a common pest on plants, damaging the yield and quality of plants greatly reduced.

Flowering time is the time when red spiders do the most damage. The diseased flower buds cause the petals to become pale, patchy, and on the petals there are many small white spots, reducing the color of the flower. To prevent red spiders you should use special medicines bought from agricultural supplies store to spray!

Root rot is also a common disease with gerbera. This disease spreads theonguoofn water. In conditions of high temperature and humidity the disease spreads more rapidly. Pathogenic bacteria will penetrate through wounds to the plant, grow in the tube, causing the ducts to become clogged, stunted, and dead.

That’s why to get leprosy you should regularly observe, check the stump, remove the diseased leaves, fake leaves. The whole tree must be removed as soon as signs of the disease are detected. In addition, you can prevent plant diseases by using Benlate C, Ridomil MZ 72 WP.

3. Flower gerberas and some useful information for you

Gerbera flowers are not only for display and ornamental purposes, but this flower also contains many other surprises.

According to folk medicine, gerbera contains medicinal ingredients that help to destroy phlegm, stop coughing attacks and heat up. You can take the petals to dry in the shade and then cook with good drinking water to treat cough or cool the body.

You can treat snakebites or injured, painful areas by crushing the petals, adding boiled water, and then cooking water. The dead flowers you put on the injured area will quickly see the effect.

Like its name, gerberas are conceived as a flower that brings wealth and wealth to the homeowner. That is why, during Tet or on a special occasion, people often give each other gerberas.

Gerbera flowers are easy to grow, with high yield and stable economic value. That is why this is a commercially grown flower that has an important position and is very popular not only in Vietnam and around the world.

Gerbera flowers have balanced shape, outstanding color, high aesthetic value, and are fresh. That is why this flower is very popular for art arrangement and indoor display.

4. Conclusion

Gerbera flowers provide stable economic benefits to the grower. It would be great if there is a pretty pot or vase of gerberas in your house, right!

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