How to Achieve the Perfect Rustic Garden Decor


It would seem that a minimalist trend is taking over all aspects of our lives from architecture and interior design to gardens. More and more people choose professionals for creating their garden in order to achieve a modern, clean look to match the exterior of the house. However, if you are an incurable romantic and you want your house and garden to have a powerful personality, you will most likely choose a rustic garden decor.

The best thing about such a decor is that it gives you the chance to be creative and improvise. Rather than being composed of precise lines, an old fashioned garden is more fluid. The elements flow into what appears to be an unorganized space. Nevertheless it takes some careful planing in order to achieve the perfect wild natural look. An important part of the planning process is choosing the predominant style. You can choose a New England colonial inspiration or a French countryside look. However, rather than choosing a fancy foreign style, the best thing to do is to recreate your region’s countryside look. This way decor elements will be more accessible and the nostalgic air will come naturally.

The first thing you need to consider before creating your rustic garden decor is the available space. It is a known fact that when it comes to garden spaces more is better. This also applies to rustic gardens. Decor elements are usually quite big (bridges, cottages, water fountains or ponds) and crowding them in a small space will destroy the illusion of a natural look. However, if you are dealing with a small space there are some solutions for your trouble. The most effective solution for a small garden are crawling plants. Covering your walls and fences with such plants will give the impression of a secluded space.

All the garden elements are divided in two categories: plants and decorating items. These two categories must match in order to achieve the perfect rustic garden decor. For example, when it comes to modern gardens the alleys are delimited by precise lines, the grass is always cut at the perfect length and more than often exotic flowers are abundant. In order for your garden to have its own personality, try to use natural elements. Instead of building alleys, try using stepping stones. You may also want to put to good use the items that are already present in your garden. For example, if you have an old bridge or a small cottage, use them as focal points in your garden. But if you are starting from scratch you can build your own focal points such as a wooden archway or a vintage wheelbarrow filled with flower pots.

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