How to Decorate Your Garden

How to Decorate Your Garden

Gardens need special attention, so be sure to tastefully decorate it using items that will bring nature closer and will create positive energies. Here are some ideas of how to decorate your garden.

Use stones and rocks for your garden decoration. The rockery needs special attention in the planning phase when you must comply with several basic rules. Experts recommend placing stones, especially large ones, to form an angle with the ground, allowing water to flow to the ground. In addition, stones must be buried at least one quarter into the ground to give stability to the rockery. You can choose a variety of plants to place among rocks, which include: muscles, dwarf conifers, flowers like marigold, lavender, lobelia, irises, dahlias, daisies, or plants such as thyme, oregano or mint.

Another item that you can add is the waterfall, which brings positive energy. It is indicated that in each garden to be a stream because according to Feng Shui principles, this attracts positive energy. In addition, water gives dynamism to the garden and helps to achieving harmony between the elements present. If you decide to decorate your garden with a mini waterfall and a pond, you must keep in mind that this needs a large space, but also high costs of making and, especially, maintenance.

If you like pigeons, another idea of how to decorate your garden is using a box for pigeons. This will also bring nature closer and can be made ​​with minimal effort, but with passion and skill. For pigeons you should keep in mind that they need more space: 25-30cm the side length of the base, while the inlet must have a diameter of 10-15cm.

A watch tower with wooden roof is another item that you can use in your garden. Paved with river stones, this item is an option for a large garden, to which you want to print a perennial air. In addition, the watch tower can be adorned with climbing plants, for a natural look closer to nature.
Whether it is a small garden or a large one, a stylish garden, beautifully decorated plays an important role both for the beneficiaries and for those from outside the house and not only completes the look of a house, but very often it changes it. These are just a few ideas of how to decorate your garden in order to bring nature closer to you and have an attractive garden regardless the area.

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