How to grow Bougainvillea: characteristics, meaning and care

Paper flowers

Bougainvillea Perhaps flowers are no stranger to us. Bougainvillea flowers are not brilliant, but roses are not as glamorous as orchids, they have a simple and simple beauty. But it is the simplicity, simplicity that makes the special things about this flower.

They are often planted on the porch to get shade and decorate the landscape to add a highlight. Let’s learn about the characteristics and uses of bougainvillea in today’s article!

1. Information about how to grow Bougainvillea successful


Bougainvillea flower is the calling of the northerners. In the south, people call this plant a cotton flower. This is attached to the people’s life, familiar as a good friend. Since ancient times in the garden of houses or schools, hospitals used to plant some bougainvillea. There are bougainvillea that are several decades old, even a hundred years old, but still lush.

Paper flowers


Bougainvillea is very popular because it climbs very quickly, with lush foliage, easy to grow and easy to care for. Bougainvillea flowers have not only one but many different colors, the most common ones are flower colors such as rose, orange, white …

Bougainvillea is a small wood variety, the shrub does not grow upright, but tends to grow climbing, the canopy is more branched. The bougainvillea is not slippery, but has small spines.

The spines are not dangerous, some of them will disappear during maturity. Plants leaves grow way. The leaves are oval shaped, oblong pointed at the tip and rounded at the base of the leaf. Leaf surface is soft, with many veins above.

Bloom and colors: How many times a year does a bougainvillea bloom?

Bougainvillea are made up of brightly colored bracts, large in size but as thin as bougainvillea, so it is called paper flowers. The bracts are petals with prominent colors such as white, yellow, red, purple, pink, oranges, arranged 3 in 1 to cover the small flower inside. Such a flower has many flowers.

Therefore, we often see bougainvillea growing in large clusters, larger than the hand of an impatient person. Bougainvillea season lasts up to several months, usually blooming from November to June next year.

Bougainvillea has a very supple and intense vitality. They live well, give beautiful flowers even in somewhat harsh weather conditions. The flowers are fragile, but not weak at all. They bloom for a long time, although they do not have a fragrant floral scent like other species but are captivated by their vibrant color and lush green leaves.

Paper flower characteristics

Bougainvillea characteristics


Bougainvillea has the advantage of its good drought tolerance, it prefers light, blooms all year round, but the most beautiful season is summer. The vibrant on a hot summer day makes the natural picture even more impressive.

bougainvillea comes in many different colors, pink is the most common color. There are also varieties of orange, white, crimson, purple … equally beautiful. Nowadays, growers are hybridizing, creating a variety of plants with 2 colors.

Bougainvillea is known as the scent-free flower. Although not fragrant, the flower colors make up for all. Because of its outstanding color, this is loved in home gardens, parks, offices, hospitals, schools … Some smaller flowers are also planted as decorative plants in the living room. , reception hall.

2. The meaning of the bougainvillea

2.1. Feng shui factors

Bougainvillea is loved not only for its beautiful shape, but also for feng-shui. Bougainvillea flowers with luxuriant branches and colorful flowers symbolize the reunion, fullness, protection and protection. This flower symbolizes full luck and happiness, brings luck, fortune, and fortune to the owner. These flowers on the front porch brings both a green beauty and a peaceful feeling to the house.

Bougainvillea flower, according to folk beliefs, also has the meaning of banishing evil spirits, preventing evil, and protecting families.

2.2. Meaning in love

Bougainvillea is not only meaningful in feng shui but also meaningful in love. The flower represents rustic, simple but sincere and deep love.

What does confetti mean?

What does bougainvillea mean?

2.3. Meaning of bougainvillea colors

The meaning of each flower color also changes according to the color and also partly shows the homeowner’s personality. Red bougainvillea symbolizes aspiration, strong personality. Pink expresses feminine beauty, gentle. Purple reminds of romantic and faithful beauty. White represents pure white beauty.

Choosing the colors of bougainvillea is not only based on preferences, but also on the owner’s duties. Yellow is suitable for homeowners. Because the yellow color represents the land and the earth, according to the feng-shui theory, the earth is born, so it is good for the homeowner.

3. Where does Bougainvillea grow best?

3.1. Planted in the main gate

Bougainvillea are most commonly grown at the main gate of the house. The main gate is a place of special significance of the house. It is also the face of the house, and the direction of the main gate also shows the vitality of the house.

Therefore, besides choosing a good gate direction, people tend to plant to embellish and bring feng shui meaning.

Lush flowers and branches, such as bougainvillea, are very popular. Do not worry that the broad, lush foliage of theme will cover the gate. On the contrary, if you know how to care and shape, the flowers becomes a natural flower portal, both simple and beautiful.

However, not all types of gates are suitable for growing bougainvillea. Often people will plant on sturdy iron gates. Because the flowers are malleable and flexible, they will firmly grip and absorb the weapons well. With wooden doors, it is rarely planted, but often choose plants with large and sturdy stalks.

Planting confetti on the wall

Planting bougainvillea on the wall

3.2. Plant in front yard

According to ancient beliefs, this is not suitable for growing in houses with large courtyards. But the house with large flukes planted with cedar trees, bamboo trees, bamboo will best feng shui. If you want to plant bougainvillea, you should only plant in one corner of the yard and the worst direction with the age of the host thorn. At that time, the bougainvillea plants will help dispel the miasma, neutralizing the friction from this bad direction.

3.3. Planted in the balcony

Next to the window, the balcony is the place where the air and energy flow from the outside into the house. In these positions, whether the direction is good or not, you can decorate or plant plants.

Bougainvillea placed here is meant to attract fortune, machines and bring cool, aesthetic space to your home.

4. How to plant and take care of bougainvillea successfully?

4.1. What is the best time to plant bougainvillea?

Bougainvillea trees are easy to take care of, but when growing plants you need to pay attention to a few points. First is not always the right time to grow.

Can bougainvillea be grown from seeds? April and September each year is the best time to plant bougainvillea. To increase the survival rate and rapid seed germination, use medium seed Akadama and humus as nursery soil.

Once you’ve planted the nursery, place the pot in a well-lit, well-ventilated place. The most important is timely drainage and avoid waterlogging.

4.2. Things to know after flowering

Summer is the time when bougainvillea flowers are the most beautiful. Therefore, you should be prepared for the plant to flower in the right season, the flowers are big, beautiful and keep color long. After the flowers bloom, a new branch will appear, approximately 10cm in length.

At this point, you stop watering the plant for about 4 days for it to flower. Then remove the shoots so that the flowers will focus on producing more axillary buds.

4.3. Swap plants: Do bougainvilleas grow well in pots?

Bougainvillea plants have a very rapid growth rate. Therefore, if you plant bougainvillea in pots, after only about 1 year, there is already big. If planted in pots will affect the growth of the plant. So you should proceed to repot the plant, move the plant to a more spacious place but still remain in the state of the plant.

The roots are very vulnerable. So if you intend to dig or pluck the tree, you should proceed with care, avoid touching the roots and do not remove the soil above the roots.

If you intend to plant trees at the gate or garden and are afraid that the saplings will be difficult to live, you can plant them in the tub first and then plant on large land. This is better when you move from one land to another.

Plants grow in the garden with very good leaves. However, the feature is that the better the leaves, the less flower it is. That is why you should plant plants in pots, nursery pots first and then move to large soil.

Besides, you can plant plants in pots and mold them into small and medium sized ornamental plants. If you take care of pruning and bending the correct technique, you will easily have a beautiful flower pot in your garden.

4.4. Breeding: Can I grow bougainvillea from a cutting?

Bougainvillea can be grown by sowing seeds or cuttings. However, the method of cutting is still popular and most appropriate, you use new, healthy, about 30cm long branches to make cuttings. Cuttings should not have many leaves, plugged into minerals to grow plants to be propagated.

The period from May to July is best for propagating bougainvillea. If you pick them up in winter, you should not leave them outdoors, but keep them in a warm room or enclosed in a nursery with a heating lamp so that the plants will flower easily next year.

4.5. Proper care: What is the best fertilizer for bougainvillea?

The first wave of flowers ends, you should proceed to prune and remodel the branches. Then add diluted NPK fertilizer to recover the plants. After that, you stop watering the plant for a few days. If the tree wilted, water it little by little enough to keep the plants moist. After 1-2 weeks, the tree will produce buds and new flowers.

Around the time the flowers bloom, you water a lot to keep the flowers fresh and beautiful.

In case of growing flowers in pots, after each flower you should add water to boost the plant. After a few years, replace the soil in the pot, remove the old soil layer, clean the pot, and add a new layer of soil rich in nutrients.

If you want the bougainvillea plant to stay green, dilute the NPK fertilizer at the ratio of 3: 1 and water once every 5 days. How to fertilize plants can keep the color of leaves and flowers for up to 2 months.

When the flower plant is about to fade, apply fertilizer around the base of the NPK fertilizer and water it. Besides, it is recommended to regularly keep moisture and remove withered flowers.

4.6. Pest and disease prevention measures

Bougainvillea plants are in good health, but not without pests and diseases. If there are pests and diseases, you can buy plant protection chemicals to spray them. In addition, to prevent diseases, soil should be handled and pruned regularly.

5. Applications of bougainvillea in everyday life

Bougainvillea flower can be planted for shade, decorate the gate and garden or have feng-shui meanings in the family.

5.1. Making bonsai and bonsai

Gardeners often bend and prune bougainvillea flower from an early age to form beautiful, valuable bonsai stumps for home display. Bonsai bougainvillea trees are usually beautiful plants, many trees have a long life, carefully selected and high economic value.

5.2. Help to decorate the house beautifully

Bougainvillea flower are grown very popularly in our country, from south to north it can be easily found. Bougainvillea planted in front of the house or in the house are beautiful and bring health to the house.

5.3. Urban landscape beauty

Bougainvillea are often planted to beautify urban landscapes. This flower species is often planted on sidewalks, dividing strips, decorated gates … Bring attractive beauty to the city.

6. Conclusion

Bougainvillea is not only beautiful but also has a lot of meaning. Hopefully after today’s article, you will love this flower more!

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