How to grow cucumbers in foam boxes – easy to care and many fruits

How to take care of cucumber

Along with the development of economy, the problem of dirty food is also extremely painful. Therefore, growing cucumbers in foam boxes are being spread by many people to have safe food.

How to take care of cucumber

How to take care of cucumber

The following article, let’s find out with wikiohana how to grow cucumber (cucumber) are being whispered among the most!

1. Some information needed before planting

Which month should you plant cucumber?

As for the southern provinces, you can grow cucumbers all year round. But the best time to grow is from November to February, next March or from May to July, August.

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Prepare the land

The soil that can be planted with cucumbers must be done very carefully. The best soil types for plants to grow are sandy or nutrient rich soils. For the soil to have more nutrients, you should mix with humus, compost or green manure.

Should not always grow cucumbers on new soil. 7 to 10 days before planting you should apply a layer of lime powder, manure or organic fertilizer. You mix nitrogen + phosphorus + potassium fertilizer together and stir it up so that the fertilizer is evenly absorbed in the soil. This will help increase the pH of the soil to help the early growth period of the plant be well developed.

Should grow cucumbers to ensure food safety

Should grow cucumbers to ensure food safety

Choose a variety of cucumber – cucumber

– On the market there are many different types of cucumbers, cucumbers. But the most popular, the most chosen by many people is the scallion cucumber. There are also many other types of cucumber such as cucumber, Thai cucumber or green cucumber, …

– Depending on your goals, you can choose the right cucumber varieties for easy care and harvest.

– If you want to grow cucumbers to ensure clean food for your family, you don’t need to choose the seeds too carefully. You can purchase bags of seeds that are available for sale in supermarkets or markets.

– If you plant on a large scale, it is necessary to choose carefully to buy seeds at reputable locations.

Take care of cucumber clean from disease

Take care of cucumber clean from disease

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Prepare the pot

– Cucumbers are plants with fast-growing and strong roots. Therefore, it is enough to meet the nutritional needs of the whole rig. That is why the pot space must be really large. You can use large foam crates to grow cucumbers or large plastic buckets and buckets to grow plants well.

– To create ventilation to help plant roots thrive, to exchange oxygen well, to avoid flooding, at the bottom of the pot you need to make holes for easy drainage.

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2. Cucumber – cucumber growing techniques

You can choose to purchase commercially available seeds at supermarkets or nursery markets or purchase commercially available cucumbers.

Growing cucumbers from seeds

Growing cucumbers from seeds

Growing cucumbers from seeds

Incubate cucumber seeds

Cucumber seeds need to be soaked in warm water between 30 and 35 degrees for about 2 or 3 hours. Then it should be picked up and washed with clean water and incubated with a damp cloth at 27 to 30 degrees for 3 or 5 days.

You should always pay attention to keep the compost wrap moist and when you see the seeds crack and sprout, sow.

Sow cucumber seeds directly

Sow cucumber seeds directly

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Seeding techniques

You can use trays, pots, foam barrels, … to hold cucumber soil. Note that the soil needs to be loose, moist, and nutritious enough.

You use your hand to press a small hole into the ground (about 1cm) then put the seeds into the hole. Each hole has 1 to 2 seeds. After applying seeds, cover with a thin layer of soil.

Finally, spray a thin layer of water over the pot to keep the soil moist. Wrap the seed pot in a plastic bag and place it next to sunlight. This helps to stimulate seed growth.

One week after sowing, the seeds will sprout. When the seedlings are about 10 to 15cm tall, you can dig them into the pot.

Growing cucumbers from seedlings

Growing cucumbers from seedlings

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Growing cucumbers from seedlings

If you want to plant directly from the seedlings, the soil should be very loose.

Create a deep hole of soil, gently remove the pot from the tray and place it in the hole. Then, bury the plant under the ground and close the surrounding soil tightly. To keep your plant moist enough to grow, you need to keep the potting soil moist by covering it with straw or hay.

You should plant cucumbers in the morning or afternoon. This is a cool time. After planting the seedlings, you should carefully shield the seedlings to shade them. Or bring them in a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

After about 1 to 2 days the seedlings will recover and begin to develop.

3. Technical care of cucumber

Water the cucumber

During flowering, take special care not to dehydrate the plant. At this stage the tree is already quite stiff. So they will not die from waterlogging.

Cucumber plants that want to thrive need 6 to 8 hours of sun exposure every day. You need to calculate these numbers accurately so that the tree can grow to the maximum, giving the most productive fruit.

Make a cucumber trellis

Cucumber truss can be made of wood, bamboo or iron. Each pile must be at least 2 to 3cm in diameter, 2 to 3 m high. Depending on the location and area of ​​the planting land, you can adjust the height and diameter of the pile.

Use wire or thin steel to fix the stake in the shape of A. Note, the stake must be strong enough to not fall over when the tree is climbing. The stronger the rig, the more stable the stump is. From there, the tree will have the best conditions for growth and development.

If grown in a pot, just make a trellis against the wall, or railing. Currently, the sisters are whispering each other using plastic nets to make climbing trusses for trees is also very effective.

The technique of taking care of cucumber is not complicated

The technique of taking care of cucumber is not complicated

Cucumber pests and diseases

* Gray worms, crickets: These two pests often appear at times when seedlings are weak. They often bite across the trunk, leading to death. You just need to sprinkle Basudin 10H on the soil (about 3kg / 1000m²) to prevent them.

* Magic worm: This bad worm shows up during the crop and damages the leaves. To eliminate them you can use drugs Vertimex, Sherpa, Polytrin, Trigard.

* Hemorrhoids: They often focus on absorbing sap from young buds, preventing the plant from growing. And this is the worm that spreads the virus. The way to eliminate them is also very simple. You just need to take medicine Confidor, Regent, Polytrin, Selecron.

* Green worms eat leaves: As the name suggests, they eat leaves and destroy the pods, making the leaves unable to grow and the pods leaving ugly scars. Destroy them with drugs Polytrin, Karate, Sherpa.


Although planting them is very simple, the care and fertilization process is not. They need a lot of fertilizer. Therefore, during the growing season, you should increase the amount of fertilizer so that the plant can grow to its maximum.

Preserving cucumbers

Preserving cucumbers

4. Harvest and preserve cucumbers

Harvest cucumbers

Cucumbers are collected or after 60 to 80 days of planting depending on growing conditions and varieties. As with other fruits, you should harvest cucumbers early in the morning when it’s cool.

After the harvest is complete, you should apply potassium to the plant 2 times a week to give the plant enough strength and nutrients to nurture the next litter.

Methods of preservation

– After harvesting you should wash cucumbers and soak them in clean salt water for about 30 minutes for bacteria to be destroyed.

– Use tissue to wrap each cucumber. This helps the cucumber retain good moisture.

– After using tissue paper to wrap each cucumber, you put everything in a zipper bag and roll it neatly, put in the refrigerator cooler. This helps the cucumber stay fresher for a longer time, without wilting and dehydration.

Clean cucumbers

Clean cucumbers

5. Conclusion

We have finished research how to grow a cucumber Simple, yet highly productive. Along with that is how to take care of how to make melon flowers in the right time, less pests and diseases.

Hopefully with this article you will equip yourself with useful knowledge. Since then, it can be successful in planting trees so that the family can have a cool and safe meal.

Plan to plant trees now! Good luck!

Updated 23/06/2020

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