How to grow ginger at home – for large bulbs – helps heal the whole family

ginger planting

Ginger is a familiar spice in every Vietnamese dish. Considered as an indispensable item in the kitchen. In addition to making the dish more delicious, ginger also contributes to the remedy. How to grow ginger at home is not too complicated.

ginger planting

ginger planting

In this article, let’s wikiohana learn about how to grow ginger effective. Along with that are notes in the process of taking care of ginger.

1. What needs to be prepared before planting ginger?

In order to get the lush green ginger pots, for evenly large tubers, preparation is quite important.

Choose a variety of ginger

There are many different types of ginger to choose from, depending on what your purpose is. However, if grown for family use, you should choose small ginger roots (such as ginger dé, sharing ginger).

Do not choose large bulbs, large bulbs often have a pale taste and plants grow quite large. Choose a small bulb, and the resulting bulb will have a spicy and aromatic taste and the growing plant will not take up much space.

Prepare the soil and pots

You can use either ceramic pots or plastic pots. Width 30-35cm, height 35-40cm. If possible, use a terracotta pot, which is able to hold moisture and drain well.

Alternatively, you can also plant ginger in sacks instead of in pots. The advantage of this approach is that it helps plants grow better, due to the large soil environment. Provides plenty of nutrients, and good drainage.

Ginger soil also has certain caveats, although ginger is an easy-to-live plant that is suitable for many soils. You should use soil that is humus, loose, and has good drainage. You can create soil using clean phases with nutrients in a 2: 1 ratio. Or mix rice husk ash: meat soil: earthworm fertilizer in the ratio 1: 2: 1.

Should grow ginger in what month?

You can start planting ginger in early spring (January, February) or late spring (April-May). In addition, at the end of the year (October 11-12) can also start planting ginger.

The development and growth time of ginger until harvest is 8 – 10 months (depending on the variety).

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2. Effective ginger planting techniques

To grow ginger obtained many tubers, high yield. You do the following steps in turn:

Step 1: Soak the ginger root in water, and let it sit overnight.

How to grow ginger effectively

How to grow ginger effectively

Step 2: Next, you cut the ginger into small pieces. (about 1 knuckle). Take care not to cut the eye of the ginger, and remove the stem that does not have germs.

Ginger nursery - how to grow ginger at home

Ginger nursery – how to grow ginger at home

Step 3: Take the prepared soil into 1/2 pot. Moderately compact. Next to 2-3 sprigs of ginger seed, bury it and cover with soil up to 2.5 to 3 cm.

grow ginger at home for big cock

grow ginger at home for big cock

Step 4: Place the pot in the shade, away from direct sunlight. Water enough moisture twice a day

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3. How to take care of ginger in a foam tank

After about 20 days of placing the seed in the ground, ginger begins to sprout. A good location for a ginger plant is on a patio or in a bright room. Plants can be placed in areas with sunlight for 5-6 hours a day, the plants will produce more tubers.


Although ginger is a plant that loves moisture, but its tolerance to waterlogging is quite poor. Plants need to provide soil moisture during growth. At the time of planting, you should water 1-2 times a day, if left to rain, you may not need to water.

Stop watering after a period of 7-8 months. That is the time when the tree has shed all its leaves and is about to be harvested.

phuong phap in the gung

phuong phap in the gung

Harvest ginger properly

After about 8-9 months of planting, you can harvest to get tubers. When harvested, please gently avoid scratching, stamping the wound. Causes microorganisms to attack and damage the bulbs.


Because growing ginger at home, limit your use of pesticides. Regularly pull weeds, apply more chemical fertilizers on the ground to help the plants grow bigger. But most important is the soil moisture and light regime for the plant.

4. Be careful in how to grow ginger effectively

– If ginger is placed in the shade, it will produce small and few tubers. Therefore, you should grow ginger in places with adequate light, not places that receive direct sunlight all day.

During growth, the root of ginger tends to stick out of the ground. At this point, cover with a mixture of about 3-4cm high soil.

grow ginger at home

grow ginger at home

– Because ginger grown at home, should minimize the use of pesticides. Periodically pull weeds, apply more soil on top of the pot. And pay special attention to the amount of watering, enough to keep the soil moist.

– From the 5th month onwards, you can dig tubers. During the digging, it is necessary to gently avoid cutting the roots, stamping the tubers. After 7- 8 months, ginger will shed its leaves, at which point you stop watering. Ginger roots can be harvested for use, or as seeds for the next season.

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5. Benefits of ginger

Fresh ginger – multifunctional condiment

As you all know, fresh ginger is a familiar spice of Vietnamese people. Used extensively in stir-fries, meat marinades or soups. Contribute to making the dish more delicious.

On Tet occasion, ginger jam is an indispensable dish of every family. Besides their delicious taste, they can treat coughs, or prevent a drop in blood pressure very well.

How to grow ginger for a cure

How to grow ginger for a cure

Ginger – used as a medicine

In Oriental Medicine, ginger is warm, so it is very popular in winter. Effective in treating diseases such as coughs, sores, sore throats, acne treatment, fat loss, …

It can be said that fresh ginger is both a root of spice, and has a healing and beauty effect.


So we have finished learning the effective ginger cultivation. Along with that are notes in the process of taking care of ginger at home. You absolutely can design a few pots of ginger on your balcony or terrace. Both help create a green and clean environment, while contributing to a cozy family meal.

Good luck!

Updated 23/06/2020

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