How to grow green grapefruit tree – care, disease prevention and collection

Green skin pomelo cultivation techniques for high yield

Techniques of growing green skin grapefruit tree is it difficult? What to note in the process of taking care of grapefruit tree green? How to fertilize and harvest grapefruit tree effectively? … In this article, you will answer all the questions on the same people!

Green skin pomelo cultivation techniques for high yield

Green skin pomelo cultivation techniques for high yield

Green skin pomelo planting has recently been interested by many people and put into practice. Many such models of growing pomelos have been successful and with huge profits. Along with that is how to plant, as well as how to take care of it is not difficult.

Notes before planting green skin pomelo

Green skin grapefruit tree has a thin peel, light green color. Grapefruit variety has high nutritional value and is favored by many people. Pink grapefruit tree citrus fruits, moderate amount of water, sweet taste. The weight is more than 2kg / fruit, and after harvest, farmers can keep 15 to 20 days with the same quality. To have a lush green grapefruit tree garden, giving fruit all year round, people need a good preparation stage.

Choose green grapefruit tree varieties

Green skin pomelo can be divided into two types: extracted grapefruit tree and grafted grapefruit tree. You should choose grapefruit tree extract because grapefruit tree extract gives fruit quite quickly. It is easy to grow and the fruit produces low layer, and the fruit quality is delicious. Along with that, the green grapefruit tree extract has a long lifespan. Those are the advantages of grapefruit tree extract.

When choosing seedlings, choose healthy plants with natural green leaves. The root system is well developed, and there are no signs of pests and diseases.

Also note that you should only grow separately green grapefruit tree in one area, should not intercrop with other citrus trees. Avoid cross-pollination, which reduces the yield of grapefruit tree.

The process of growing green grapefruit to collect sweet fruits

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What month should green skin grapefruit tree grow?

The best time to start planting pomelos is at the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season. It is about March – May of the solar calendar. After planting for a while, new roots can be welcomed with cool rains. People less need to water and plants also have favorable conditions for development.

The appropriate planting density of green skin pomelo is 5m x 5m. Let plants have enough space to grow, receive enough sunlight and nutrients.

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Land making techniques for pomelo

Should choose places with flat terrain, with good drainage capacity to grow green grapefruit tree. The soil surface where planting should be about 20 – 30cm higher than the surrounding water level. If not, people should open the ditches in the garden to increase drainage capacity in case of heavy rain.

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After selecting the location of the land to plant, dig the pomelo planting hole. The hole is round or square, measuring 1,2m x 1,2m and having a depth of about 30cm. You should only dig that deep, because if you dig too deeply, you will encounter acid soil. The soil type is not suitable for early growth of plants.

The next step is to spread 2-3 kg of lime powder, along with a moderate amount of decomposed manure. Along with that is 30-40kg of organic fertilizer, farmers mix well with the soil and fill the hole. To do so about 1 month later, people can proceed to put the tree in.

Create a canopy for green skin grapefruit

Create a canopy for green skin grapefruit tree

Techniques of growing green skin grapefruit tree

After you have purchased the desired green skin pomelo variety, remove the nylon covering the nursery. Be gentle to avoid disturbing the roots.

Dig a hole slightly bigger than the nursery, in the center of the hole prepared last month. Place the pomelo tree in the hole, cover with soil around it and press it around the base so that the tree can stand firm. Stick a fixed stake around, tie the tree in to prevent wind or the environment from shaking the roots, causing the plant to die.

After planting, farmers water the soil around the base. Then use straw, rice straw or water hyacinth roots to help keep the soil moist. Every few days, people check the soil moisture. If the soil is dry, you should add water. Within a month of planting, the soil around the base of the plant needs moisture for the plant to thrive.

Note: Not watering too much leads to waterlogging, root rot.

blue sky weather

blue sky weather

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How to care for green skin grapefruit tree

To have grapefruit tree plump, beautiful green color, the stage of care is very important. People should be good at watering techniques, fertilizing or pruning …


Grapefruit needs more water at the seedling stage, and at the time of flowering. In the dry season, with long and sunny weather, people need to water regularly. The best time to water is morning (when the sun is not yet hot) and cool afternoon. You can use straw, or duckweed to get to the base of the plant to limit water evaporation when it is too hot.

In the rainy season, to avoid flooding, people can open drainage ditches. Creating ventilation, avoiding the situation for the stump to be waterlogged for many days. Causes root rot, defoliation.

Pruning branches and creating canopy

Squeeze the tree at 50cm – 80cm in height, from which the tree will grow 3-5 tops from the main stem. People only retain 3 healthy branches, forming 3 different directions. These 3 branches are called level 1 branches. Use bamboo stakes plugged into the ground, use a rope to tie those 3 level 1 branches to create the main branch at an angle of 35-40 degrees.

After a while, those level 1 branches will sprout the next level 2 branch. Keep only 2 – 3 level 2 branches for easy care, and healthier branches. Qualified level 2 branches are branches 20-30cm away from the main body, one branch is 20cm – 25cm from the other.

From level 2 branches will continue to develop into level 3 branches. The number of level 3 branches is unlimited. People only need to remove a few branches if they overgrown their shoes. Just like that, after about 2 years, the tree will form a completely balanced canopy.

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Every year, after the harvest, people need to remove the branches that were carried in the wrong season. Along with that is the removal of insect branches, weak branches and branches that cross each other, hindering the fruit bearing process. The goal is to limit pests and diseases and help plants focus on developing nutrients on healthy branches for next season fruit.

How to grow green grapefruit for high income

How to grow green grapefruit tree for high income

Planting windbreak plants

If people grow green pomelo trees in large areas with strong winds, they should plant trees to block the wind. Plants such as acacia, black balm, or acacia, can be used at least 5m from the pomelo garden to avoid nutrient competition.

The purpose is to limit the wind during the flowering season, so that the plants can achieve high fruiting rate.

Pest control for green skin grapefruit tree

People should sweep lime around the base of the tree periodically every 2-3 months, from the root up to 50-70cm in height. This layer of lime works to prevent adult stem borers from attaching to the bark and laying eggs.

The green-skinned grapefruit tree is a healthy growing plant with very few diseases. Some common pests and diseases can be mentioned as:

  • Deep drawing amulets: It is a pest that causes damage when the plant is newly planted and is still small. They create wounds on the young leaves, and the young shoots create conditions for microorganisms to invade. Control measure: use Polytin 0.2%, slrespa 0.2%
  • Stem borer: People can use drugs: O fatox 0.1%, Symi sidin 0.2% to pump directly into the stem of the plant.
  • Anthracnose: People regularly visit the garden, when detecting anthracnose, they can use drugs: Mancozeb 80WP, Daconil 75WP, Antracol 70WP

To limit pests and diseases, it is best for farmers to periodically clean the pomelo garden. About once a month. Along with that is to sweep the original lime and remove damaged branches, pests.

Green skin grapefruit tree

Green skin grapefruit tree tree

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Stimulating flowering, setting fruit for green skin grapefruit tree

Green skin grapefruit tree is a tree that can bear fruit all year round. Therefore, farmers can choose the time when the fruit is selling well with high demand for harvesting. The time to spray the wrong stimulants for flowers and fruiting is about 7-8 months before the collection time.

However, if farmers keep fruits on the tree for too long at the time of harvest, this will lead to tree failure.

Fertilize green skin grapefruit tree

In order for plants to produce high fruit yields and sweet fruit, fertilization needs to be done at the right time and weight. Using both organic and inorganic fertilizers and both new root and foliar fertilization methods has the highest efficiency.

Types of fertilizers for green skin grapefruit tree

Organic fertilizers

With the current trend towards clean products, organic fertilizers are increasingly used. The appropriate dose for each mature tree per year is 20-25kg. Using organic fertilizers is good for plants, helping plants increase longevity and produce more fruits. However, fresh organic manure residues should not be applied to the soil. Should incubate for a while before fertilizing.

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People can mix lime with organic materials before incubation, to treat pathogens contained in fresh organic impurities. In addition, it is possible to use more decomposition stimulants, which are available at the plant protection stations.

Inorganic fertilizers

DAP fertilizer is often used to spread away from the base, while NPK fertilizer can be used to spray directly onto the leaves.

  • Protein: Is a catalyst for grapefruit tree plant to develop rapidly, giving birth to many new branches and leaves. During plant development, supplementation is very important. If there is a lack of nitrogen, the plant will become stunted and underdeveloped.
  • Phosphorus: Stimulates flowering and fruiting. In addition, phosphorus also works to help plants immune to a fever.
  • Potassium: Helps to make green skin grapefruit tree more sturdy, flowers and young fruits do not fall off.

Caring for green skin grapefruit

Caring for green skin grapefruit tree

Apply fertilizer to each stage of plant development

First year

Because the amount of manure in the hole is still large initially, so people just need to top with urea. With the rate of 1kg fertilizer / 100 liters of water. Apply continuously in the first year, periodically once a month.

Year 2 and year 3

During these 2 years, farmers applied about 40kg of manure + 250kg super phosphate + 300kg urea + 300kg potassium / hectare. People divided into 4 times evenly spaced

  1. After the rainy season, apply 100% organic fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer
  2. 30% of urea and potassium
  3. Continue to 30% of urea and potassium fraction
  4. The last wave applied the rest

From after 3 years

At this stage, the tree produces regular fruit, so the amount of fertilizer needs to be added more. The formula remains the same as in year 2 and 3.

techniques of planting and caring for green skin pomelo

techniques of planting and caring for green skin pomelo

Protect fruit and harvest green skin grapefruit tree

The flowering and fruiting period also needs a lot of attention. People need to protect fruit well during this time.

Guide to the left

Grapefruit must grow early to keep stability. When the grapefruit tree is equal to a duck’s egg, people need to conduct how to bag the fruit. Use plastic bags, with a diameter of 20cm – 40cm, and a length of 30cm – 60cm with holes at both ends.

Wrap the fruit from the stem down vertically, fasten the upper part of the stem and leave the bottom part open. The purpose of this is to protect the fruit from insect attacks.

Using white plastic bags, the photosynthesis of the fruit is not affected. Fruit will develop normally, not be attacked by pests, leading to higher yield and quality when not being wrapped.

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After flowering and setting fruit for a while, the fruit will gradually mature and ripen. When the grapefruit tree has tension, the skin is brighter than when the grapefruit tree begins to ripen. People use scissors to cut trees or knives to cut both the stalk and the fruit.

Should be harvested at the time the fruit has just ripe, avoid harvesting too early when not ripe or too ripe. At that time the fruit will not reach its freshest level.


Thus, wikiohana and people have learned the techniques of growing green grapefruit tree with high productivity. Along with that is how to care for grapefruit tree to develop well, yield many fruits.

In general, green skin pomelo is an easy plant to grow – with high economic income, and well-received by the market. This is the right direction for people to choose.

Happy successful people!

Updated June 21, 2020

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