Aloe vera: how to plant, take care of at home and note

how to plant aloe vera

Aloe vera (aloe vera) has always been considered a “miracle of god” in women’s skin care. And yet, it is also considered a very good medicine for health.

Aloe vera has many uses such as heat suppression, resistance enhancement or digestive aid. How to grow aloe vera It’s also very simple, anyone can do it.

how to plant aloe vera

how to plant aloe vera

The following article, we will guide you how to plant aloe vera in a very simple way, it doesn’t take too much effort!

1. Need to prepare before planting?

What month should aloe be planted?

The aloe vera is really easy going. So you can plant it all year round. But it’s best to plant in the fall and spring when the weather is not too harsh. Because of that, they can recover and grow fastest.

But if you still do not know how to take care of them properly, do not worry too much! As long as you take care of them regularly, they can be healthy.

Prepare your soil

Aloe vera is a good drought tolerant plant, but it cannot tolerate waterlogging. Therefore, you should choose a high, porous soil for planting. The soil for planting should be sandy soil for easy drainage.

Growing land you can completely buy cassava or mix soil with rice husks, poultry, bird or fish droppings …

Choose a pot

Pots for planting should be 25-30cm in size, knife height from 35-40cm for the best growing conditions.

Due to the fact that it does not tolerate waterlogging and defoliation, so before you put the soil in the pot you should put in large stones. These large stones will allow the plant to grow without waterlogging.

Planting techniques for aloe vera

Planting techniques for aloe vera

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Distinguish varieties of aloe vera

There are two popular types of aloe vera on the market today:

  • American aloe vera is long leaf and has many sharp spines. Leaf sheaths large and heavy. There is usually white chalk behind the leaves. This variety of aloe vera is commonly grown because of its high yield.
  • Vietnamese aloe vera has smaller leaves and less spines. Leaf sheaths, green. There is no white chalk behind the leaves.

Choose a variety of aloe vera

Currently, there are about 300 different aloe vera varieties on the market. However, the dark green-leafed aloe vera variety is the easiest to grow and has very high yield. When choosing a variety, choose large, strong leaves or separate plants from the mother plant for planting.

Unlike many varieties of home grown plants are grown from seeds or plants with roots. Aloe vera can still grow from just one leaf.

That is why you do not need to spend much effort to buy seeds to nursery! Instead, you just need to find a house with a well-growing aloe plant and ask for the strongest and strongest leaf to plant.

Plant aloe vera with leaves

Plant aloe vera with leaves

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2. How to grow an effective aloe plant

You can place the aloe vera leaves that you just asked for on the ground level and cover about half of the stem with your hand.

Then, moisten the plant and place it in a bright sunlight. If it rains, bring the tree to a place where it doesn’t rain or keep it indoors.

How to take care of aloe plants

How to take care of aloe plants

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3. How to take care of aloe vera

In order for your banyan tree to thrive, “lay” more leaves, the process of taking care, though simple, plays a very important role. From simple steps like watering or bringing plants to sunbathe. Here are a few little notes when caring for aloe vera.

Irrigation water

Although aloe plants are drought tolerant, they do best when they have moderate humidity. Therefore, during the dry season, you should regularly water the plants to keep the moisture in the soil.

Two watering times in a row should be 3 to 5 days apart for the plant to grow and achieve the highest yield.

With properties not resistant to waterlogging, when watering you should not water soaked. The remaining water will cause root rot, leading to mass death.

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Fertilizer techniques

If you are planting aloe vera in pots, you should apply NPK organic fertilizer to the plant every 15 days to keep it green.

If you are planting trees for the purpose of leaf harvesting, only apply organic fertilizers and wood ash. When fertilizing, fertilize around the base of the plant and water it through water so that the fertilizer is absorbed into the ground to help the plant develop fully.

Pest and disease prevention

Normally, when planted in pots, aloe vera rarely died from pests. Most of the trees are spoiled and rotten due to rain and long-term inundation. Therefore, you must regularly remove any damaged leaves so that the source of the disease is not contagious.

Aloe vera grows quite plump

Aloe vera grows quite plump

4. Collect and preserve aloe vera

Harvest aloe vera

If you plant your aloe vera plant in pots, you should be able to harvest it after a year. Plant growth time is prolonged, after a period of planting around trees there will be many seedlings. You can remove the seedling and plant it again.

If you want the mother plant to continue to produce large leaves, you should regularly prune the seedling to keep the mother plant healthy. Whereas you plant in the ground, about 6 to 8 months can be harvested due to growing conditions.

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How to properly preserve aloe vera

– First you need to pay attention to the temperature. When cutting autumn aloe vera leaves or choose a cool time like early morning or evening. At that time, or to prevent leaves from wilting or deteriorating.

Proper storage of aloe vera

Proper storage of aloe vera

– The second equally important is preliminary processing of aloe vera. After cutting you should pre-process immediately. For a long time, the leaves will be weak and soft, affecting the quality.

You peel off the green skin only to get the intestines inside. After slicing the pomegranate seeds, soak the aloe vera in water with salt and a few drops of lemon juice. Then you gently tea to remove the oil. Finally rinse with clean water and drain.

How to preserve aloe vera

How to preserve aloe vera

Finally, you need to preserve the preliminarily processed aloe vera. You can use it right away to cook tea. If not used immediately, put in a bottle with a lid with a little bit of gently bump and keep in the refrigerator cooler. Aloe vera then infused with sugar will brush the sweetness and crispness.

Although kept in the refrigerator cooler, aloe vera can only be used for 3 days. For a long time affects both quality and your health.

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5. Conclusion

Hopefully after reading this article you will know how planting aloe vera Simple but most effective. This job will make your mind at ease after stressful study and working hours!

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Updated 23/06/2020

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