How to plant, how to take care of the beautiful Lilies flowers

How to grow lilies in pots

Lilies It is a beautiful flower, has a unique fragrance and is loved by many people. Having a beautiful pot of lilies to play indoors is great, isn’t it? How to grow lilies at home is not too complicated, you just need to pay attention to do it.

How to grow lilies in pots

How to grow lilies in pots

In this article, wikiohana will learn with you how to plant and care for. As well as the technique for blooming lilies on Tet occasion.

Prepare before planting lilies

In order to be able to grow beautiful lilies in the house, preparation is very important. You need to pay attention to the season, the pot as well as the soil. And so much more.

What month should lilies grow?

As one of the flowers living in temperate regions, suitable for places with cool climates. Thus, lilies can be grown all year round in areas such as Da Lat, Moc Chau, and Sapa. As for the northern provinces (with hot weather in summer), the appropriate time to plant is the autumn-winter crop (around October positive or negative).

However, if your home has cool locations. For convenience, it doesn’t need to depend too much on the season. Plants can thrive if we take care of them properly.

Choose lilies

Lilies are species grown from tubers. You can purchase lily bulbs at bonsai stores. With quality lilies, tubers are often imported directly from the Netherlands. These are plump tubers – big round, and treated with pathogens.

When choosing, you should choose large + plump bulbs. Take care to avoid picking up bulbs that have pests and diseases, and that tubers have not yet sprouted. Before planting, the bulbs should be soaked in solution Daconil 75WP to eliminate fungal diseases. The way of mixing is for every 8 liters of water we use 1 pack of Daconil 10g, soak the tubers for 7-10 minutes, take out and drain and plant.

Techniques to grow beautiful lilies

Techniques to grow beautiful lilies

Prepare the soil for the cup

Lily is considered to be adaptable on many types of soil. However, for good plant growth, mild humus or soil is ideal for growing plants. Because of a shallow root system, choose a soil that is loose and loose and has good drainage.

If preparation is not available, it is advisable to purchase pre-processed land at tree stores. It is a soil type that meets all the requirements of nutrition as well as porous.

If you can prepare the soil yourself, here’s how: Use 1 part alluvial soil, mix with 1 part of compost composted. Along with that are 2 parts coconut fiber (has been processed carefully) or rice husk ash. Mix well, and leave in the sun for 7-10 days to support soil pathogens.

How to take care of lilies on New Year's Day

How to take care of lilies on New Year’s Day

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Choose a flower pot for Lily flowers

Flower pots should also be carefully selected. Terracotta pots are best suited for growing. Good water absorption properties, creating ventilation for the soil when planting. So if you can use this type of pot, to let the lilies grow well.

In addition, other types of pots can be used. Just be aware that, make a lot of holes in the pot to increase drainage. And when planting, the pot should be placed a little higher than the ground, and should not be placed directly on the ground.

About planting density, you should pay a little attention. For pots with a diameter of 25cm, plant 3 bulbs per pot. As for pots with a diameter of 35cm, plant 5 bulbs.

How to grow lily flowers

How to grow lily flowers

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Where to grow lilies in the house

The location of the flower pot is also quite necessary. Because this is a plant with strict requirements for temperature. During the day, the suitable temperature for lilies is 19 to 25 degrees C. At night, the ideal temperature is 12 to 15 degrees C.

The light conditions of Lilies are also not high. Do not place plants in well-lit areas all day. Good places are bright, but not in direct sunlight. Priority is given to places with high humidity, about 80- 85%.

How to grow lilies from tubers

How to grow lilies from tubers

The technique of growing lilies in a simple pot at home

You should choose to grow lilies during cool weather. Place 1/2 of the mixed soil in the pot first, then gently and neatly place the bulbs. The seed side is facing upwards. Add 1/2 of the soil to the pot, gently compress the soil around the bulbs to fix. Water the soil moist enough, and keep in a cool place – away from the sun.

During the first week, you should regularly water to keep the soil moist. When watering, you should use a watering can or a mist sprayer to prevent harm to the young plants.

After planting about 10 – 12 days, the roots begin to form. You can gently dig into the soil to check for protruding white roots to show that the plant is growing properly.

How to grow lilies in pots

How to grow lilies in pots

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Instructions for taking care of Lily flowers

For lily flowers to grow and develop well after planting, the techniques of care are quite important. You need to pay attention to the following issues to have beautiful pots.


A water regime to keep the soil moist is quite important for plant growth. If the glass is dehydrated, the plant will wilt gradually and produce less flowers. Conversely, if water is stuck in the pot for a long time, it will rot the bulbs and the plants will die.

You can water once a day, using a spray bottle to water directly into the soil. A little trick to help determine the amount of water is enough or not, is to hold a handful of soil after watering. If you see a clump of soil, water won’t leak through your fingers.


In order for the flowers to bloom beautifully and keep for a long time, fertilizer is an indispensable ingredient. After planting 2-3 weeks, you can use fertilizer to fertilize the plant.

When the plant is about 20 days old, you can use organic fertilizers (phosphate fertilizer, NPK). Maintain fertilization until the plant blooms, stop, each time 10 days apart. The way to fertilize is quite simple, you mix the fertilizer in the water and water it evenly. Then use water again to wash the feces on the leaves and stems.

How to care for lilies in pots

How to care for lilies in pots

Pests and diseases on lilies

Lilies often have aphids and helminths. Especially when the plants bloom, the scent stimulates them to come. They usually suck up resin from the back surfaces of leaves and flowers, so they form many black spots on the surface.

These aphids will spread quickly to other plants and pots. So you need to have a remedy soon. If the plant is new, you can use a damp toilet paper to wipe the affected leaves and flowers. If aphids grow in large numbers, immediately go to plant protection drug stores for specific instructions.

Guide to propagate lilies

Lilies are often propagated from the tuber separation method. With mature flowering plants, tubers are often produced. You can split the bulbs to multiply them into new pots.

Choose pest-free tubers, 8-10cm in diameter. After separating, you wash it and soak it in a 40% foocmalin solution. After soaking for about 30 minutes, take it out to dry for later planting.

How to plant and care for lilies

How to plant and care for lilies

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Collect lilies properly

Should harvest lilies at any time?

Should cut flowers early in the morning, or late afternoon. Should watering about 1 hour in advance, then harvest, the flowers will retain more water.

Absolutely do not harvest flowers at noon, or hot weather. Harvesting at that time will cause the flowers to wilt quickly, not for long.

How long after planting it can be harvested?

Lily flowers 50-55 days after planting, they have buds, and after about 2-3 weeks they can be harvested. When the lower part of the bud is large and colored, it is the right time to harvest. If autumn is early, the flowers will not develop fully. If harvested too late, it will lead to flowers easily crushed.

If there are 6 buds on a branch, then when the bottom 2 buds change color, you should harvest that branch.

Use scissors or a sharp knife to cut, cut about 10 – 15cm from the ground so that the tubers can continue to grow. Leave 5-6 leaves on each stem when cutting. And finished cutting should soak the stems in water, so that the flowers are not dehydrated.

Take care of lilies in pots

Take care of lilies in pots

How to take care of lily flowers on the occasion of Tet

Adjusting the blooming time of lilies is also not too complicated. If you are passionate and really want to, you can completely do it. The key here is to regulate the temperature, light and water amount of the plant at the time of flowering.

If you want your plants to bloom earlier, put them in a place with good heat and light. When there is a lot of light and good temperature, the flowers will bloom earlier. In addition, the more water you water, the flowers will therefore bloom earlier.

On the contrary, if you want to restrain the lilies from blooming right away. Should place flowers in a place with lack of light, limit watering. Place plants in low temperature areas. This will make the flower bloom more slowly, and it’s just as you need it.

Video how to grow lilies from tubers


It is like that wikiohana with you to learn about how to grow beautiful lilies. Along with that is how to take care of lilies to bloom properly for the New Year, and for a longer fresh time. Not too complicated, right ?! Just pay attention, your family already has beautiful flower pots placed in the living room.

What are you waiting for? Let’s plan to plant and care for lilies right away!

Good luck!

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