The Tropical Garden


The rich and green foliage of tropical plants is very interesting in most gardens, attracting from day to day more and more gardeners. Some of these plants can radically transform a garden. Hibiscus, orchids and bougainvillea are just a few examples of plants you may want for your tropical garden. But if you are allergic, a good vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice. If you want your own unique garden, here you will find what you need to know about the tropical garden.

Unfortunately, for a tropical garden, growing tropical plants outside the area that characterizes them is a challenge for even the most skilled gardeners. But, not all plants from a tropical garden must come from that area. If you want your own tropical garden you can have it also without tropical plants that need special care. Choose common varieties with rich foliage, which look the same as those in an original the tropical garden.

In addition, you can cheer your garden with colored plants such as hibiscus and bougainvillea. Moreover, instead of planting tropical flowers directly in the ground, use pots and place them in your tropical garden. Thus, when the weather cools you can move them in a warm room, in the house or in a place specially arranged.

Do not be afraid to plant flowers in pots and use them to arrange your tropical garden. For a more tropical landscape you can put more plants into a space not too large. This way you will create a bit from the overcrowding found in the jungle or in the tropical forests. Plants will grow very well if you manage to create an environment that mimics tropical conditions.

If you want to plant bougainvillea, remember that this plant will bloom in the rainy season. Try not to water the plant for four to six weeks, during which it will receive as much sunlight. After the ‘drought’ has gone, come back to the normal watering plan. In addition, you can grow both this plant and the hibiscus in hanging baskets. For the tropical garden you can also use items such as stones, a pond, a bridge, etc, to bring nature closer to you.

In addition, if you choose to plant tropical plants in your tropical garden, in order to protect them, move them in the house, where it’s warm, before the first frost. So you will have an attractive tropical garden, which will never waste its beauty. Nevertheless, keep in mind that keeping tropical plants indoor requires some effort on your part. First of all, you will need a good source of natural light, which could be impossible to find in a cold season. In these situations, you should consider a diy led grow light. Led lights can be found online or in electric shops. While there are led grow light systems that you can buy, you can also make your own diy led grow light. Simply mount some led bulbs on desk lamps and aim them towards your plants. Arrange the tropical garden that you have always wanted taking into account these few ideas.

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