Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ): Growing, care, fertilizer & benefits

Metal tree planting techniques are always green in the house

Is it difficult to grow Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ)? Is ZZ plant good for bedroom? How often do you need to water a ZZ plant? Do ZZ plants clean the air?, … Learn with Star Gardeners in this article!

Metal tree planting techniques are always green in the house

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ) planting techniques are always green in the house

Golden Tree There is also another name is Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ). A plant suitable for indoor, in the office and popular with many people. In addition, the ZZ also has the meaning of bringing wealth and wealth to the family.

Before Growing Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ)

In order to have a pot of Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ), beautiful flowers, preparation is very important. The following preparations will help you in the planting and care process.

Where should I place my ZZ plant? Is ZZ plant good for bedroom?

If you want the ZZ to live a long time and produce good green leaves, the placement is no less important. The plant’s characteristic is to love light, so you need to choose a location with plenty of light. Especially avoid places with poor light, which will cause the plants to deteriorate and die.

The location should be in the living room, in the passageways or near the entrance. These are well-ventilated and bright places.

The needle has many feng-shui meanings

The ZZ has many feng-shui meanings

Does ZZ plant need sunlight? Can I put my ZZ plant outside?

ZZ is a light-loving tree that grows green in a bright environment. But you should not place the plant in direct sunlight. Plants can still thrive in shady environments, but they will dry out well from dehydration if you put them in direct sunlight.

If you are placing the tree outdoors, it should be placed under another tree canopy, or with a net cover. Partly to block out direct sunlight. Partly to prevent rain water from entering the pot, when the pot is inundated, leading to yellow leaves and root rot.

The ZZ has a relatively high heat resistance. Temperature 20-32 degrees C, plants can grow normally. If the temperature is below 18 degrees C, the plant will lose leaves and hibernate. If the temperature is too low for a long time (below 5 degrees C), the plant will die.

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How can I make my Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ) plant grow faster, green and good?

The ZZ can be considered a very easy-to-live tree and well-adapted to the environment. Understanding the properties of the plant will make you more relaxed during care.

How much sun does a ZZ plant need?

With the zamioculcas zamiifolia when you buy, you plan to place in places with low light or unstable light conditions. You should do the following to make sure the tree is still alive even though the ZZ is a photophilic plant.

That is when you buy back you put in the intended position for 3-4 days. It is a nice location but with little light. After 3-4 days, place the plant in a well-lit location, such as on a balcony, on the terrace, or in positions by the window. You place there for 2-3 days (maybe longer) so the plants can bathe in the morning.

Repeat this cycle about 2-3 times as the plant can adapt to a low light environment. However, this method is not recommended for you to use. Because of its nature as a light-loving plant, if it lacks light for too long, the tree will sooner or later turn yellow.

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Light is essential for plant photosynthesis

Light is essential for plant photosynthesis

How to growing of Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ)?

As mentioned above, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia are easy to live plants – can adapt to all types of soil. But choose a loose, nutrient-rich, and well-drained soil. You can create your own soil by mixing meat soil + rice husks + compost (2: 1: 1 ratio). In addition, it is possible to mix coal slag to create ventilation for the soil.

But if you don’t have too many ornamental plants indoors, then buying outside land is a better choice. You go out to bonsai shops for better advice.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia prefers acidic soils (pH: 5.5 – 6.5).

Do ZZ plants need big pots? You should choose large pots to plant. The reason that the tree has strong and thriving roots requires a large enough space.During spring and autumn each year, it is the time of strong growth of leaves and roots. At this point you should add fertilizer to the plant to grow. Use organic fertilizer to fertilize the plant, about once a month. Note that watering after fertilizing, so that the plant can absorb better.

The green pots of money are good

The green pots of ZZ are good

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Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ) Care Techniques

In order for the ZZ to grow in your family or office to be green, you need to pay attention to techniques such as watering, cleaning the leaves or fertilizing.


How do you know when a ZZ plant needs water?

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ) fortune is a succulent plant, but its drought tolerance is quite poor. A sufficient amount of water to keep the soil moist will enable the plant to thrive. If the plants are indoors, watering only once a week is enough. If too much water is excess, it will cause root rot, root rot. From time to time the tree will die.

Should you mist a ZZ plant?

Yes, you can. The most suitable watering method for plants is to use a spray and mist water to the leaves, stems, and roots. If you have an air-conditioned room, you need to reduce the amount of water. A noticeable sign of excess water, is pale white leaves. The shoots sprouted young and fragile.

How often should you water a ZZ plant?

The level of watering each time also depends on the size of the pot. Just remember that it’s okay to water the pot with enough moisture. Depending on the large pot, water more and vice versa. The ZZ often dies from excess water, but rarely due to lack of water.

Clean the leaves regularly for the needle

Clean the leaves regularly for the ZZ

Leaf hygiene

You seem to hear that leaf hygiene is quite new. But that is the right thing to do with the ZZ. It makes it easier for plants to photosynthesize, also partly makes the environment more clean.

Use a wet washcloth to gently wipe away any dirt that has clung to the leaves, stems and around the pot. At the same time, during the cleaning process, you should remove the chlorotic leaves, the branches that are wilted or grow badly. This leaf cleaning can be done once a week.

Note :When the pot has branches that are rotten or wilted. You need to uproot, or use scissors to remove the branch as soon as possible. Avoid spreading to other branches

When should I fertilize my ZZ plant?

With green trees in the family, in the office, if there is a lack of nutrition, there will be yellow foliage, defoliation and wilting. When you see plants showing these symptoms, you need to consider the lighting conditions, water regime and pay more attention to the plant’s nutrition.

With this ZZ, about 2-3 months should fertilize the tree once. You can buy manure at bonsai stores, so make sure you buy it. Each time fertilize a little around the base, and about 10 – 15cm from the base.

Do not over-fertilize each time, instead you should divide into several fertilizing times, each time fertilizing a moderate amount for the plant to absorb. After fertilizing, water should be moistened to the soil, so that the plants can easily absorb.

Buy a needle to plant to help with air conditioning

Buy a ZZ to plant to help with air conditioning

Plant pests and diseases

Understanding the common diseases will help you overcome them better. Or moreover, you can actively prevent these diseases for plants.

Lack of light

Expression: The leaves are white, lacking vitality. The new buds grow white and fragile.

How to fix:

  • Get rid of rotten, damaged branches. Then move the plant to a well-lit, well-ventilated area. Can be placed on the balcony, by the window or on the terrace. But avoid direct sunlight.
  • Return the plant to its original position for 1-2 weeks after leaving it outside for 1-2 weeks. Now the tree is green again. However, you should periodically take the plant out into a bright environment for better photosynthesis. Maybe every half a month you bring the tree out about 2-3 days.

Needle care techniques

ZZ care techniques

Why is my ZZ plant turning yellow and brown?

Gold leaf or stem rot is very common with new planters. There are many reasons for this. When you encounter the above situation, you need to handle the following:

  1. Stop watering plants completely.
  2. Move the plant to a suitable light spot.
  3. Eliminate the yellow leaves. And pluck or cut the rotten branches.
  4. Check the pots for drainage holes or not? If the hole is small, make it bigger.
  5. Watering stops completely to allow the soil to dry again. When the soil is completely dry, water will be sufficiently moist. During this time, you can gently re-cultivate the soil, allowing the soil more ventilation and evaporation.

If the tree is waterlogged for too long, the recovery time will also be longer. It takes about 1-2 months for the plant to return to its original state. Once the tree is back green, move it back to its original position and take note of watering as described above.

Beautiful flower pots

Beautiful flower pots

Does ZZ plant bloom? – Is ZZ plant good feng shui??

There are many of you wondering if the ZZ will bloom or not? And if so, what color is the gerbera? The answer is that ZZ is blooming and small, beautiful flowers are milky white.

According to the feng-shui sense of the ZZ, when the tree blooms, the homeowner has the most fortune in the house. The tree bears fruit and flowers, which means proliferation and development, buds to bustle. The white color of the flower represents purity, purity. A full and happy life.

ZZ plant propagation – Can you grow a ZZ plant from a cutting?

The best time to propagate a ZZ is in the spring. When the weather is warm, all things multiply – trees grow. The ZZ can be planted by cutting leaves, sowing seeds or separating the bushes. Sowing seeds is the best way to have seedlings, however it is relatively difficult to obtain seeds from mature plants. And splitting the branches of an existing plant into a new pot also ensures that the plant is alive well, this way many of you apply.

Another easy way to do this is to cut the leaves. During the pickling process, the leaves can be broken down into organic manure. The ability to grow into a seedling tree, however, is still there. You should incubate the leaves in the rooting solution before cutting for a better result.

How to grow cashew tree

How to grow cashew tree

Is ZZ plant poisonous to human?

Recently, there are many articles about the poisoning of the ZZ. How do they affect health?

The truth about poisonous in Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ)

To find the answer to the above question, in 2015, a group of prestigious scientists focused on the toxic substances in the ZZ. The result is that the toxin is present in the leaves and the sap of the plant. Along with that, scientists confirmed that the toxin did not cause too great a effect on human health.

Specifically, the leaf and resin part of the plant contains calcium oxalatem. For people with sensitive skin, when much contact with this substance will cause skin allergies.

But the amount of calcium oxalate present in the ZZ is very little. To affect health, must use a large amount of this calcium oxalate. Therefore, you can conclude that you are completely assured when planting ZZ indoors.

Note: To avoid being affected by the toxin on the ZZ. You should place the pot out of the reach of young children, avoid allowing children to contact the ZZ too much.

Technology to care for the pre-blooming needle

Technology to care for the pre-blooming ZZ


So Star Gardeners has showed you how to learn about how to plant and care for a green Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ) year round. Along with that are notes in the process of watering, fertilizing plants. Just take a little time to care, I think it is possible to grow well.

A pot of good green Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ), will bring more fortune and regularly giving money to the owner in Feng Shui. And also helps regulate the vitality in your family, relax after stressful working hours.

Good luck!

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